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Adam Robinson is an experienced industrial electrician with a demonstrated history of working in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, is skilled in food processing, maintenance, electrical troubleshooting, and electrical wiring. Electrical systems are highly complicated and are dangerous to those without specialized knowledge. Adam Robinson Castlemaine is a highly trained and experienced electrician specializing in industrial industries, with expertise in food processing, maintenance, electrical wiring, and troubleshooting multiple types of problems. Robinson is skilled in the electrical functions of the high-speed machines and equipment used in the food processing industry encompassing timers, thermometers, scales, and precision controls. He’s also experienced in working on systems that include heat exchangers, cookers, depalletizers, and all types of conveyors. Robinson understands the sanitary nature of food processing equipment and agricultural machinery, working cleanly and e

Pressure References

Pressure has two distinct reference points in common usage, Atmospheric Pressure and Gauge Pressure Atmospheric pressure is the force per unit area exerted against a surface by the weight of air above that surface in the Earth’s atmosphere. In most circumstances atmospheric pressure is closely approximated by the hydrostatic pressure caused by the weight of air above the measurement point. Low pressure areas have less atmospheric mass above their location, whereas high pressure areas have more atmospheric mass above their location. Similarly, as elevation increases there is less overlying atmospheric mass, so that pressure decreases with increasing elevation. A column of air one square inch in cross-section, measured from sea level to the top of the atmosphere, would weigh approximately 65N. Most pressure measuring instruments take their zero point from atmospheric pressure. The value indicated being called gauge pressure. Instruments that measure gauge pressure sometimes use the lette

Applications of pressure measurement

Accurately measuring liquid, gas, and steam pressure is a basic requirement for many industrial processes to operate safely, efficiently, and with optimum quality control. In addition to directly measuring pressure values, pressure measurements can be used to determine or infer flow rates, fluid levels, product density, and other parameters. As a result, many plants rely on pressure-measurement devices to get required field measurements. Some example applications using pressure or differential measurements are:  flow rate through a pipe  level of fluid in a tank  density of a substance  interface between two or more liquids in a tank For example, if a constriction, such as an orifice plate, is placed in a pipe, pressure will drop in a predictable way. By measuring the pressure in the pipe both before and after the orifice plate, the rate of flow through the pipe can be calculated. For more information please visit mysocial page: Media Cont

Adam Robinson Castlemaine, Purpose of pressure measure

Adam Robinson Castlemaine , Castlemaine, Victoria Pressure measurement terminology and references Purpose of pressure measure Of all the process variables that are likely to be encountered by an Instrumentation trades person, pressure is unique in its variety of application. In industry, pressure is a common variable of and by itself, but is also used in the measurement of level, density, temperature and flow. It is for this reason that we begin the series of measurement courses with Pressure. It is also the most common variable that is measured differentially, that is, as a relative difference between two points. Finally pressure — in the form of pneumatics — is widely applied in a large range of measuring, indicating and controlling devices. While most modern pressure measuring devices employ digital electronic circuits, the underlying principles of pressure sensing and measurement remain unchanged. For more information please visit his social page:

Adam Robinson Castlemaine

Adam Robinson Castlemaine , a certified electrician, is pleased to announce the high-quality of electrical services he is offering throughout Castlemaine, Victoria, and other surrounding areas. No matter if the industrial electrical job is small or big, one can rest assured that he can get the job done and on-time, helping his customers even in emergencies. Finding a dependable and trusted electrician could be stressful and time-consuming. This is where Adam comes to the rescue. The industrial electrical services he offered include safety checks, breakdown service, scheduled maintenance, fault finding, electrical repairs, installation and repairs of energy-saving solutions, scheduled maintenance, CCTV installation, voltage optimization, and so much more. Adam Robinson Castlemaine  was born and raised in Castlemaine and graduated VCE at Bendigo Senior Secondary College. He is currently employed as an industrial electrician at KR Castlemaine after completing my Cert III in Electro te